forty two/365

February 11, 2017


It’s Saturday and I went into work for a few hours – with all the snow and yesterday’s events, there was quite a bit of out-of-office time this week.  E also had to work, so it wasn’t until mid-afternoon that we realized we ran out of heating oil.  It’s pretty easy in February to notice something like this.  Normally, it’s not a big deal (notice, I said “normally?”), when we run out or are getting low, I go buy 10-20 gallons of diesel and wait for a fill.  well, with more weather on the way, we needed a fill today.

While we waited for the oil guy, I took care of the usual pre-snowstorm preparations – roof raked, driveway snowbanks removed, and pathway cleared to the garbage cans.  I also took advantage of the waiting to take a few photos from the backyard. Todays images were made with the Pentax 50mm.  I found it a little trickier getting the exposure at the f4.0 setting due to the darkening in the viewfinder that starts to get noticeable then.  As the aperture closes, the light is decreased and it’s tough to eyeball.  Both the leaf and the barn images were underexposed in camera by about one stop (compensated for in Lightroom).  the birdhouse was underexposed because the light meter struggled with the readings from the snow.


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