twenty four/365

January 24, 2017

Canon 50D
ISO 1600 @ 1/50
Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 @ f1.4

More work with the Pentax 50mm and available (or natural) light – the plan had originally been to take advantage of a snow day to get out and about.  The “snow” was really freezing rain and I hoped to capture wintry scenes and ice-laden flora.  Instead, I started cleaning the basement (see yesterday’s post referencing the state of the basement).  When I finally emerged, the freezing rain had turned to plain rain and wind.  I’m not made of sugar, but I don’t have good weather protection for the camera, so… plan scratched.

Instead, more poking around the house looking for subjects… we have a set of dishes that belonged to my great grandmother and keep a few pieces out along with an antique bell, pie plate, and flour scoop.  The contrast of the metals and ceramics seemed like a nice opportunity.

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