twenty three/365

January 23, 2017

Canon 50D ISO 1600 @ 1/50
Pentax Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 @f1.4

More work with available light indoors – this day I switched out my Canon 50mm STM lens for the manual focus Pentax 50mm f1.4 Super Takumar. I love the speed of the lens (f1.4!) and the quality and color of the images it renders, so it seemed like a good opportunity to head down into the basement to play in a low/limited light environment. Not only is the basement a mess, but we have a hodge-podge of lighting down there, so it was a challenge to find accessible subjects.

The real goal was to work with shapes and composition of everyday items to create something more interesting.

Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of the aperture setting for each image and the lens doesn’t talk to the camera… most images were shot wide open at f1.4, but none were lower than f2.5.

More about the lens:
It’s an M42 mount lens that I found at a flea market for $10! With an M42/EOS adapter it mounts the old lens to the newer camera. While there are adapter rings with electronics that allow these lenses to use their autofocus capabilities, I like the connection that I have with manual focus.

ISO 1600 @ 1/60 f1.4

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