one hundred five/365

April 15, 2017

I was asked to take photos of youth hockey evals for use on a league website.  I’m not really set up for sports photography, but wanted to help and thought it would be a good opportunity to work on technique.  I’ve only shot in an ice rink one other time and expected some challenges with the light and limitations of my equipment.  With my Canon 28-135mm, I knew I would want to shoot as close to f8 and at least 1/200 shutter speed.

While the ice was pretty well lit, I ended up at ISO 800 and f6.3, 1/160 or f5.6, 1/250 depending on the end of the rink the kids were at.  I underexposed by about a stop the whole way through to keep the shutter speed up and fixed it in post, using Lightroom.

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