fifty three/365

February 22, 2017


National Margarita Day!  Not one for obscure calendar designations, I can get behind this one.

A day spent running around and in meetings became a 7:00-7:00 day, though the final meeting was energizing.  I am a member of a group partnering with a local PBS affiliate, tasked with helping to build a sustainable internship model for the station – I am inspired and recharged through others’ creativity and enthusiasm for this project.  As a huge fan of public television, I feel honored to be able to contribute in  this way.

Today’s image reflects some of the joyful sentiment, while also capturing Wednesday in our house.  Back on Saturday, we hosted a birthday party and, any who know us, know that we don’t take decorations down very quickly.  So, here it is four days later and we still have balloons!  Not pictured are the Margarita Day margaritas.

ISO 1600 @ 1/50 f1.8

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