fifty one

February 20, 2017


Presidents’ Day – the day we observe the anniversary of George Washington’s birth is a holiday, which means a day off of work.  It happens to have been exceptionally warm for late February, which was encouraging of an afternoon walking around our neighbor city – Northampton, full of wonderful restaurants, eclectic shops, and interesting scenery.  Even with so much temptation, it’s not necessary to spend money to enjoy oneself.  On this day, the Lady and I walked along the bike path, headed into the heart of downtown, and made our way through the campus of Smith College, spending several hours out and about.

Another outing with the pairing of the canon 50mm to the 50D, and while I typically use a 28-135mm zoom lens as my walk around, I found the fixed focal length somewhat freeing once I moved past the desire for flexibility.  I’ve read about and heard other photographers speak on the value of picking a prime lens and sticking with it for a period of time, but it wasn’t until today that I got it.   Early in our walk I had a few “shoot! I wish I had…” moments, but as  we walked I noticed myself looking more intentionally for scenes that  the 50mm would be ideal to capture.

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