forty seven/365

February 16, 2017


I didn’t envision this blog serving as any sort of political forum, but some days’ events make it a difficult subject to avoid – today’s highlight was a 77 minute press conference that raised more questions than it answered.  Fake news. Being treated badly. Bad courts. Illegal leaks… On and on it goes through a very casual relationship with the truth – I can’t help but wonder if ANYONE in that building wonders just what the heck is going on and at least cringes just a little bit upon hearing some of the statements coming from the person in the Oval Office.

With an undergraduate degree in American history, I feel fairly well equipped to discern facts from unfounded assertions and to know how to identify reliable sources of information when something’s veracity isn’t obvious.  I still frequently read and revisit books related to the subject, particularly on our founding principles and the prevailing social constructs that influenced them.  The  images for today capture some of my favorite sources.

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