forty four/365

February 13, 2017


Another six or seven inches of snow yesterday meant another day off work today.  It warmed up a bit and the sun came out, which made cleanup a bit easier and also produced icicles.  While out clearing drifted snow from the driveway in late afternoon, I noticed a rather large icicle hanging from the corner of the house.  With the setting sun as a backdrop, the ice refracted the light nicely.

In these shots, I varied between nearly wide open and completely closed down apertures to either isolate the icicles and water droplets or to catch a nice star-like sun. I try not to point out issues with the images, but I can’t help but acknowledge that I sacrificed composition for effect.  In the middle image below, my minds-eye was keying on the competing lines and patterns created by the tree trunk, the branches, and the icicles – all framing and pointing to the setting sun – and it feels like there is too much going on in that one.  Definitely something to keep in mind should another such idea pop up.


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