February 4, 2017


I’ve been photographing things and places fairly close to the house and feel a need to go farther afield.  This sense is more acute after spending Friday in Lowell, MA – the diversity in people and in architecture is stunning – Holyoke bears striking similarities to Lowell in its industrial heritage.  So this day, E and I took advantage of a scheduled dinner in the city to cruise through the canal district and see what jumped out.

In the end (mostly due to time), we ended up at Heritage Park as the sun was setting.  I have made images of this area and of the adjacent buildings in the past, but I wanted to try to capture the reflecting light or the way the lengthening shadows played across the old factories and canals.  I just missed the light today, but I have plans to return in warmer weather and when time allows for more wandering.

The building in the top image is one of my favorites for the mix of brick and wood.  These were all shot with the Canon 50mm.

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