I can’t recall when I first became interested in taking pictures, but some of my earliest memories include using 110 cameras with flash cubes.  I think I mostly liked taking pictures of anything and everything to finish a roll of film as quickly as possible (and watching the cube spin).

It wasn’t until decades later, when I bought my first 35mm film slr camera, that I really thought seriously about it.  I quickly realized two things.  I was horrible at developing film and I had no idea what I was doing – I think I still have somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 rolls of film undeveloped.  Clearly, that wasn’t working.

I switched to digital in 2010, dedicated time to learning in earnest, and now shoot on a Canon 5D Mark II, usually mounted with a 50mm lens.

I enjoy capturing everyday moments, unguarded expressions, and the stumbled-upon.  You’ll find a little of each on this site.